Supernatural: The Boston Chapter

Session 7 - Post
I will not suffer a rat to live

Full summation to come!

4 xp was awarded and 2 bonus xp for the forum session

Session 7 - Pre
I will not suffer a rat to live

With the thought of a rat amidst his struggling MC, Lex had decided that he had better get to the bottom of who had leaked his and his brother’s location to the Juarez vampires before they struck again.

Knowing that his brother’s judgement would be too clouded if the investigation went south, Raul asked Lex to take a backseat, to let him handle it.

In an act that surprised the eldest Cortez, Lex agreed, seeing that he was too close and could prove to be detrimental to the investigation.

With Raul free and clear to do things his way, will he be able discover the rat before the vampires try again? And will he let Lex take the final action against them? Would Lex be capable of meting out MC justice should the guilty party be one of the founding members of the Men of Mayhem? What if the rat turned out to be the one man that Lex looked up to the most, the man that was more of a father to the young Cortez than his own flesh and blood?

Session 6 - Post
Nazis are scum

Since I was not GMing this session, this will be a very bare-bones sum-up of session 6:

Connor’s investigation into the Thule society brings the PCs to Europe in the attempt to discover what was stolen from the Boston Library.

The heroes fought their way into Germany where the trail led them to Wewelsburg Castle where they infiltrated castle and procured vital documentation that will help Connor’s investigation on the missing u-boat.

When the session ended, the PCs were still in Germany.

Feel free to add to this via comments and I will append the post.

3 xp was awarded and an addtional 1 xp for forum stuff.

Session 5 - Post
Vampires are Assholes

It has been a few years that Murphy had come to Boston in search of the creature that destroyed his family in a burning inferno that permanently scarred the right side of his body. He had no luck, was fresh out of leads and no one to turn to for help. Well, no one until he and fellow PTSD support group attendee, Raul were ambushed by two supernatural entities. They were very quickly joined by a crazy, machete toting, tattoo riddled individual wearing a motorcycle gang vest and sporting a bad temper. After the creatures were dispatched, Murphy learned that this man was in fact Raul’s brother and had been apparently trying to get a hold of him all day. After severing the head of one of the creatures, the man, Lex, pressed down on the dead creature’s gums and a set of fangs protruded through. Lex very quickly explained that they were Hunters, that they were in the business of taking out things that went bump in the night and that they had just taken out two vampires. They searched the bodies and the only helpful piece of information that come out of it was an old looking amusement park pamphlet with a retro looking clown with the words “Come play at Jolly Cholly’s!”

After agreeing to go to Hector’s bar to answer some Murphy’s burning questions, the Cortez brothers (more Raul, as Lex was feeling that their time was better suited to finding out if there were any more of these suck heads in Boston). After taking a moment, Lex got up to call reinforcements ie Connor and Mikaela. Unbeknownst to Lex, his call to Connor was at a very bad time: his friend had just sat down with his wife to tell her the truth about why he was always taking off suddenly, why his visits to the hospital were increasingly more serious and why he . Connor tried to insist that it was a bad time, that he couldn’t talk, but after hearing that there were vampires running around Boston and out to get Lex and Raul, the G-Man couldn’t let his friends face that alone and agreed to meet to get more details and plan out the Job. Meaghan, who was not impressed with the interruption, was convinced to come along in order to get the truth of the situation. Connor also thumbed a text message to Mikaela, asking her to join them.

With questions temporarily sated by Raul and exchanging numbers, Murphy left Hector’s implying that he wanted to help with their Hunting endeavours, but wanted to take the time to soak it all in. Not long after Murphy left, the Cortez brothers were joined by Connor, and to their intense surprise, his wife Meaghan. After Connor quickly explained why she was there, Lex felt that they didn’t have the luxury of time to sugar-coating the existence of the Supernatural, so she was very abruptly and bluntly explained the reality of it.

The Wilkinsons left soon after to have another fight, when Lex was suddenly called away by the President of the Men of Mayhem for club business, having to leave Raul and Mikaela the task of trying to find out where the vampires where holing up.

On their way to the public library, Raul saw Murphy emerging from another bar after having a few to drink and enlisted his help, to show him the research aspect of being on a Hunt.

Together, they found out that there were three amusement parks in the Boston area that all had a Jolly Cholly’s playhouse, but all three had been subsequently shut down due to accidents on one of the rides. One of such accidents resulted in the death of a thirteen year old girl, Kaitlyn Lasitter.

The next morning, the Hunters all met up in a diner and planned out what they were going to do. Mikaela had addresses for all three shut-down amusement parks and Lex suggested they go after the closest one, praying that it was the one that the vamps took residence in.

They all agreed, and they posse-out.

After having a run-in with an another group of supernatural enthusiasts called the ‘Ghostfacers’, and over hearing them mention something about the douchebag Winchesters, the Hunters went in search for the Fun House. They found it, but to their dismay, discovered that they were not in the right amusement park. Not wanting this to be a complete waste of time, Lex and Murphy ended up scaling the side of the building to try to find another way in, considering that every Jolly Cholly had the same cookie-cutter layout. After taking the time to search, they discovered (with the help of Connor’s investigative skills) a fire door on the roof which led down to a suspended cat-walk that spanned across the entire fun house. Tactical advantage achieved!

With this new found information, the Hunters set off to the next closest Jolly Cholly.

They found the next one and using the information that they acquired, the group decided to assault the vampires from the top. Even though they tried to be as quiet and stealthy as they could, they, unfortunately, managed to make enough noise to alert two Mexican guards. With quick thinking and intimidation, they managed to tie up and interrogate the two men. Unfortunately, they knew very little, other than coming up from Mexico to kill two brothers for revenge.

Once properly gagged, the Hunters continued on with their plan.

After several shotgun blasts, high-powered sniper-riffle shots, flares and grenades, the assault on the vampires went as expected, with Lex being sent to the hospital for monster-sized wounds and Connor being bulldozed off a catwalk ten feet off the ground. With Lex driving himself to Boston General, the rest of the group made it look like the two men they had previously gagged and committed these murders and quickly left the scene for the police to find.

A hunt isn’t successful unless someone is gravely injured!

4 xp was awarded and a bonus xp for forum stuff.

Session 5 - Pre
Vampires are assholes

The last couple of weeks are proving to be interesting for our heroes. During a midnight conversation with Mikaela, Lex realized that he in fact cared about what happens to Tim more that he himself would admit and felt a sense of responsibility for the young man. This revelation came at a bad time as Lex attempts to reform his club into a new gang of Hunters. To top it all off, new information started to surface about the rival MC that rocked Boston in the pursuit of killing off the remaining members of the Men of Mayhem.

In the meantime, Connor’s secret about the Supernatural was dangerously close to coming to a head with his wife. Will he have that conversation with her, exposing her to the potential dangers of knowing the truth, or will he come up with another excuse as to why he randomly disappears without much of an explanation?

Meanwhile, Lex decided to pay Stan a visit, but their chat is interrupted when he receives a disconcerting telephone call from his Juarez Cartel contact, Javier Alvarez, about another potential problem visiting the City of Boston.

Click here to see what Lex has to say to Stan and what he learns from Javier!

Session 4 - Post
Solo Hunt

Connor received a phone call from Lex’s phone late Friday evening. Expecting the voice on the other side of the phone to be him, Connor was surprised that it was someone else on the other line.

Lex’s contact, a young man named Tim, called the most frequently dialled number on Lex’s phone which happened to be Connor. He told the FBI agent that he was Lexicon’s contact and that he had found Lex’s phone and motorcycle abandoned.

Concerned that this might have been a trap, Connor rallied Raul and Mikaela and agreed to meet Tim at a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts in Brunswick, NY .

After Tim recounted the events of the Hunt and having a few drinks at a bar, Tim tells them that a pretty blond started to flirt with Lex. Not wanting to be present, Tim left the two at the table and played on the pinball machine. After he came back, the girl was gone, but Lex seemed to have been under the influence of something. He had only drank two beers, but was acting like he drank and entire 2/4 to himself. Lex disappeared after going out for a smoke and that was when TIm went out to try to find him, finding the phone and the bike.

After Raul and Connor cracked a few jokes about how Lex got himself rufied and carried off by a pimp, the characters started to look for clues.

Here is what they found (not in any particular order):
- outside the bar, it looked like Lex had been at his bike, looking at his phone, when he wasa struck and had fallen on his side. Drag marks were found, but there was no sign of blood or where the drag marks led off to.
-The blond drove a blue station wagon, she was seen with another man, she was a new resident of Brunswick, the community had seen her around and disapproved of her lose nature.
-Active, fit and athletic people were being kidnapped, four in the last two months one being a police officer. The last time something like this happened was back in the 1800’s where a cult called the Red Goat Cult would abduct fit young men to sacrifice to a Babylonian God, drain the victim’s blood, consume the blood in an attempt to absorb the physical prowess. The cult was later found out and each cultist had been executed. The town of Brunswick took great pains to cover up the incident.
-Public records show that a hunting lodge on Bald Mountain had been purchased four months ago by a man names Otis Firefly.
-Raul and Connor attempted to get into Lex’s laptop to see if he had recorded anything on his GoPro camera that would help them locate the missing Cortez. After several failed attempts and aggravating smart-mouthed computer prompts, they gave up trying to get into Lex’s computer. Tim quickly realized that Lex’s douchebaggery was apparently a family trait.
-Mikaela found out that the blue station wagon that was seen at the bar was registered to a person with the last name of ‘Firefly’.
-The heroes (with Tim staying at home), went to investigate the Firefly house and heard loud gunshots and a maniacal woman’s laughter. Sneaking up on the household, the found Lex crouching in the bushes looking like he was trying to ambush someone.
-Discreetly making their presence known, Mikaela lent Lex her shotgun and a firefight ensued.
-The heroes ended up saving Lex from being hunted and killed the Firefly family. They discovered a gruesome scene in the barn, victims of the four disappearances were found in the cellar, obviously tortured and bullet ridden.
-They learn from Lex that the Fireflys kidnapped people and would torture them then set them loose in their property to go hunt them.

They left Brunswick with an eery feeling that sometimes people can be more monstrous than the creatures that they Hunt.

3 xp was awarded.

Session 4
Solo Hunt

Connor, Mikaela and Raul all get a message from Lex saying that he has received a tip from a viewer of his podcast (you can read the entry here about an ornery ghost attacking people in Brunswick, New York. He would like to go check it out. Unfortunately, for whichever reason, be it that work simply wouldn’t allow it, family issues or duties at the Church coming first, neither Raul, Connor or Mikaela would be able to go with him.

After deciding that it would probably be overkill if the four were to go gank one ghost anyway, Lex decided to go on his own, confident in his abilities to take care of it himself. He had been meaning to get some alone time anyway.

He left to meet his contact (view their conversation via e-mail) Friday morning and was supposed to call Raul that evening, after the job was done. When Connor got the call from Lex’s number, he got a bad feeling that something was amiss…

NOTE: The e-mail train is for your information as players. Lex didn’t BCC the others. Just thought it would be entertaining for you guys to read Lex and his contact’s conversation.

Session 3
What once was lost...

In this session, Lex learned that two of his former friends and colleagues were alive and had been looking for him for the last while. Chuck and Mickey approach Lex and ask if he is in for payback against the MC that took out their club back in Worcester.

After agreeing and leaving the bar together, Lex and his friends were attacked by the rival MC by a drive by shooting. Not missing a beat, Lex rushed to his bike and went off in hot pursuit of the assailant.

After a brilliant car chase in the downtown core resulting in much collateral damage, they managed to take out the biker and sought to regroup in the a barren parking lot in the industrial sector.

After accidentally sending an SOS message with instructions on how to his track GPS location, Connor shows up fully decked out in his FBI gear as Lex and the Men of Mayhem try to figure out what to do. A heated argument ensues between Lex, Raul and Connor, all of Lex’s plans coming to light about the Cartel and his intentions.

Lex and the Men of Mayhem then decide to head back to the Airstream to gather his things before heading off to Worcester to deal with the rival gang. They weren’t given much as time, as the gang tracked Lex back to the Walmart parking lot and started to open fire.

Not wanting a repeat of a huge gun fight in the Walmart parking lot, Lex et all try to escape and lose the gang in the streets of Boston, keeping in touch with Raul via BLuetooth. Once everyone was clear of the trailer, Raul triggered an explosion in his trailer to destroy any evidence of possible criminal on goings.

With Chuck trying to get the gang away from killing more innocent people, the Men of Mayhem made their way back to the industrial sector and tried to hold out in unused factory. The people after them were relentless and took four men, including Lex, to keep the gang from entering.

Seeing a huge man trying to get at his brother and the Men of Mayhem, Raul ran into the biker, pining him against the wall of the warehouse. After making sure he was dead, Raul entered the building and tried to help. Meanwhile Connor was on the top of an adjacent building trying to provide support using his high-powered rifle. What he saw made him believe that what they were dealing with wasn’t just a blood-thirsty gang. They were inhuman.

Finding that they were easily overwhelmed, they tried to retreat once more. During their escape, Mikaela joins the PCs after getting a hold of Connor. After believing that they were in the clear, everyone seeks refuge in a motel in an attempt to catch their breath and regroup.

Unfortunately, they were denied their much needed breather as the relentless gang found them once more and they were all plunged into an intense firefight once more.

After a brutal firefight involving a heroic prospect and his scorpion machine pistol, a thrown torso and a lot of angry AK-47 barrages, the PCs are finally triumphant, though the events leaving Connor sorely wounded and in dire need of medical attention.

Fucking werewolves.

5xp was awarded.

Book 2 - Foreword
Can you handle the lockdown?

My name is Zeke Higgins, lead investigator of the Ghost Expedition Crew. I never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video. With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Rick Hoffman. The two of us will travel to some of the most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn.


We travel to Worcester, Massachusetts to investigate an abandoned mansion that is not only rumoured to be the inspiration for the movie ‘The Haunting of Haunted Hill Manor’, but is also the site of some extremely odd deaths that happened only months ago. We received special permission to enter the premises where we briefly join forces with another investigative crew whose methods were found to be far more extreme even by our standards. By the request of the investigators, some of their faces and voices have been altered to protect their identity.

Little did we know that this was going to be our most intense and hardcore lockdown of them all!

The road thus far...
Book 1 Something wicked this way comes...

After Lex was brought to the hospital after being shot in the diner, Raul ran into by none other than Detective Munroe. While he had heard about the shooting in the diner, he was there for his niece. He asked our heroes to look into the very odd string of children becoming sick. The Detective’s niece is one of the kids that got sick. She started to have vivid nightmares of a scary woman standing over her bed. He swore up and down that his niece never had an over-active imagination and he was concerned. He had a gut feeling that it wasn’t a natural illness, but didn’t know where to start. He mentioned that a ‘Stan Kowalski’ had been asking some very peculiar yet precise questions about the supernatural.

Here is what they discovered:

-Stan owns an occult book store and is part of an order called “the Knights of St. Theodore” and knows a great deal about the heroes. Insists that his, and the Order’s, intention is only to help them with their fight against evil.
-heroes discover that it is a shtriga that is consuming the childrens lifeforce, which results in them becoming ill and eventually falling into a coma
-through various research techniques and ideas, the heroes discovered how to kill the shtriga, how to trap it (which turned out to be faulty information) and where it most likely was.
-in an attempt to sneak up on the creature while it fed, the shtriga heard the heroes coming and made an escape out the window, much to the heroes surprise.
-Mikaela chased it down the street but was not fast enough to catch up. Fortunately, either by crashing through the window or landing awkwardly outside, the shtriga hurt itself in it’s escape and even though Mikaela could not keep up, she found a trail of strange black liquid. She followed the trail to a nearby apartment building that lead her up a fire escape and to someone’s kitchen window.
-meanwhile, the heroes back at the hospital, figured out that one of the nurses hadn’t reported back after the incident of the broken window and the heroes determined that she was, in fact, the shtriga. They received the address from the head nurse and went off in hot pursuit of their quarry.
-the heroes eventually found their way to the the shtriga’s apartment and cornered it in it’s bedroom where they unloaded on it with their consecrated iron bullets, provided to them by Stan. All the children that were sick, miraculously got better.

3 xp was awarded to the heroes upon completion.


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