Supernatural: The Boston Chapter

The road thus far...

Book 1 Something wicked this way comes...

After Lex was brought to the hospital after being shot in the diner, Raul ran into by none other than Detective Munroe. While he had heard about the shooting in the diner, he was there for his niece. He asked our heroes to look into the very odd string of children becoming sick. The Detective’s niece is one of the kids that got sick. She started to have vivid nightmares of a scary woman standing over her bed. He swore up and down that his niece never had an over-active imagination and he was concerned. He had a gut feeling that it wasn’t a natural illness, but didn’t know where to start. He mentioned that a ‘Stan Kowalski’ had been asking some very peculiar yet precise questions about the supernatural.

Here is what they discovered:

-Stan owns an occult book store and is part of an order called “the Knights of St. Theodore” and knows a great deal about the heroes. Insists that his, and the Order’s, intention is only to help them with their fight against evil.
-heroes discover that it is a shtriga that is consuming the childrens lifeforce, which results in them becoming ill and eventually falling into a coma
-through various research techniques and ideas, the heroes discovered how to kill the shtriga, how to trap it (which turned out to be faulty information) and where it most likely was.
-in an attempt to sneak up on the creature while it fed, the shtriga heard the heroes coming and made an escape out the window, much to the heroes surprise.
-Mikaela chased it down the street but was not fast enough to catch up. Fortunately, either by crashing through the window or landing awkwardly outside, the shtriga hurt itself in it’s escape and even though Mikaela could not keep up, she found a trail of strange black liquid. She followed the trail to a nearby apartment building that lead her up a fire escape and to someone’s kitchen window.
-meanwhile, the heroes back at the hospital, figured out that one of the nurses hadn’t reported back after the incident of the broken window and the heroes determined that she was, in fact, the shtriga. They received the address from the head nurse and went off in hot pursuit of their quarry.
-the heroes eventually found their way to the the shtriga’s apartment and cornered it in it’s bedroom where they unloaded on it with their consecrated iron bullets, provided to them by Stan. All the children that were sick, miraculously got better.

3 xp was awarded to the heroes upon completion.



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