Supernatural: The Boston Chapter

Session 3

What once was lost...

In this session, Lex learned that two of his former friends and colleagues were alive and had been looking for him for the last while. Chuck and Mickey approach Lex and ask if he is in for payback against the MC that took out their club back in Worcester.

After agreeing and leaving the bar together, Lex and his friends were attacked by the rival MC by a drive by shooting. Not missing a beat, Lex rushed to his bike and went off in hot pursuit of the assailant.

After a brilliant car chase in the downtown core resulting in much collateral damage, they managed to take out the biker and sought to regroup in the a barren parking lot in the industrial sector.

After accidentally sending an SOS message with instructions on how to his track GPS location, Connor shows up fully decked out in his FBI gear as Lex and the Men of Mayhem try to figure out what to do. A heated argument ensues between Lex, Raul and Connor, all of Lex’s plans coming to light about the Cartel and his intentions.

Lex and the Men of Mayhem then decide to head back to the Airstream to gather his things before heading off to Worcester to deal with the rival gang. They weren’t given much as time, as the gang tracked Lex back to the Walmart parking lot and started to open fire.

Not wanting a repeat of a huge gun fight in the Walmart parking lot, Lex et all try to escape and lose the gang in the streets of Boston, keeping in touch with Raul via BLuetooth. Once everyone was clear of the trailer, Raul triggered an explosion in his trailer to destroy any evidence of possible criminal on goings.

With Chuck trying to get the gang away from killing more innocent people, the Men of Mayhem made their way back to the industrial sector and tried to hold out in unused factory. The people after them were relentless and took four men, including Lex, to keep the gang from entering.

Seeing a huge man trying to get at his brother and the Men of Mayhem, Raul ran into the biker, pining him against the wall of the warehouse. After making sure he was dead, Raul entered the building and tried to help. Meanwhile Connor was on the top of an adjacent building trying to provide support using his high-powered rifle. What he saw made him believe that what they were dealing with wasn’t just a blood-thirsty gang. They were inhuman.

Finding that they were easily overwhelmed, they tried to retreat once more. During their escape, Mikaela joins the PCs after getting a hold of Connor. After believing that they were in the clear, everyone seeks refuge in a motel in an attempt to catch their breath and regroup.

Unfortunately, they were denied their much needed breather as the relentless gang found them once more and they were all plunged into an intense firefight once more.

After a brutal firefight involving a heroic prospect and his scorpion machine pistol, a thrown torso and a lot of angry AK-47 barrages, the PCs are finally triumphant, though the events leaving Connor sorely wounded and in dire need of medical attention.

Fucking werewolves.

5xp was awarded.



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