Supernatural: The Boston Chapter

Session 4 - Post

Solo Hunt

Connor received a phone call from Lex’s phone late Friday evening. Expecting the voice on the other side of the phone to be him, Connor was surprised that it was someone else on the other line.

Lex’s contact, a young man named Tim, called the most frequently dialled number on Lex’s phone which happened to be Connor. He told the FBI agent that he was Lexicon’s contact and that he had found Lex’s phone and motorcycle abandoned.

Concerned that this might have been a trap, Connor rallied Raul and Mikaela and agreed to meet Tim at a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts in Brunswick, NY .

After Tim recounted the events of the Hunt and having a few drinks at a bar, Tim tells them that a pretty blond started to flirt with Lex. Not wanting to be present, Tim left the two at the table and played on the pinball machine. After he came back, the girl was gone, but Lex seemed to have been under the influence of something. He had only drank two beers, but was acting like he drank and entire 2/4 to himself. Lex disappeared after going out for a smoke and that was when TIm went out to try to find him, finding the phone and the bike.

After Raul and Connor cracked a few jokes about how Lex got himself rufied and carried off by a pimp, the characters started to look for clues.

Here is what they found (not in any particular order):
- outside the bar, it looked like Lex had been at his bike, looking at his phone, when he wasa struck and had fallen on his side. Drag marks were found, but there was no sign of blood or where the drag marks led off to.
-The blond drove a blue station wagon, she was seen with another man, she was a new resident of Brunswick, the community had seen her around and disapproved of her lose nature.
-Active, fit and athletic people were being kidnapped, four in the last two months one being a police officer. The last time something like this happened was back in the 1800’s where a cult called the Red Goat Cult would abduct fit young men to sacrifice to a Babylonian God, drain the victim’s blood, consume the blood in an attempt to absorb the physical prowess. The cult was later found out and each cultist had been executed. The town of Brunswick took great pains to cover up the incident.
-Public records show that a hunting lodge on Bald Mountain had been purchased four months ago by a man names Otis Firefly.
-Raul and Connor attempted to get into Lex’s laptop to see if he had recorded anything on his GoPro camera that would help them locate the missing Cortez. After several failed attempts and aggravating smart-mouthed computer prompts, they gave up trying to get into Lex’s computer. Tim quickly realized that Lex’s douchebaggery was apparently a family trait.
-Mikaela found out that the blue station wagon that was seen at the bar was registered to a person with the last name of ‘Firefly’.
-The heroes (with Tim staying at home), went to investigate the Firefly house and heard loud gunshots and a maniacal woman’s laughter. Sneaking up on the household, the found Lex crouching in the bushes looking like he was trying to ambush someone.
-Discreetly making their presence known, Mikaela lent Lex her shotgun and a firefight ensued.
-The heroes ended up saving Lex from being hunted and killed the Firefly family. They discovered a gruesome scene in the barn, victims of the four disappearances were found in the cellar, obviously tortured and bullet ridden.
-They learn from Lex that the Fireflys kidnapped people and would torture them then set them loose in their property to go hunt them.

They left Brunswick with an eery feeling that sometimes people can be more monstrous than the creatures that they Hunt.

3 xp was awarded.



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