Supernatural: The Boston Chapter

Session 4

Solo Hunt

Connor, Mikaela and Raul all get a message from Lex saying that he has received a tip from a viewer of his podcast (you can read the entry here about an ornery ghost attacking people in Brunswick, New York. He would like to go check it out. Unfortunately, for whichever reason, be it that work simply wouldn’t allow it, family issues or duties at the Church coming first, neither Raul, Connor or Mikaela would be able to go with him.

After deciding that it would probably be overkill if the four were to go gank one ghost anyway, Lex decided to go on his own, confident in his abilities to take care of it himself. He had been meaning to get some alone time anyway.

He left to meet his contact (view their conversation via e-mail) Friday morning and was supposed to call Raul that evening, after the job was done. When Connor got the call from Lex’s number, he got a bad feeling that something was amiss…

NOTE: The e-mail train is for your information as players. Lex didn’t BCC the others. Just thought it would be entertaining for you guys to read Lex and his contact’s conversation.



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