Supernatural: The Boston Chapter

Session 5 - Post

Vampires are Assholes

It has been a few years that Murphy had come to Boston in search of the creature that destroyed his family in a burning inferno that permanently scarred the right side of his body. He had no luck, was fresh out of leads and no one to turn to for help. Well, no one until he and fellow PTSD support group attendee, Raul were ambushed by two supernatural entities. They were very quickly joined by a crazy, machete toting, tattoo riddled individual wearing a motorcycle gang vest and sporting a bad temper. After the creatures were dispatched, Murphy learned that this man was in fact Raul’s brother and had been apparently trying to get a hold of him all day. After severing the head of one of the creatures, the man, Lex, pressed down on the dead creature’s gums and a set of fangs protruded through. Lex very quickly explained that they were Hunters, that they were in the business of taking out things that went bump in the night and that they had just taken out two vampires. They searched the bodies and the only helpful piece of information that come out of it was an old looking amusement park pamphlet with a retro looking clown with the words “Come play at Jolly Cholly’s!”

After agreeing to go to Hector’s bar to answer some Murphy’s burning questions, the Cortez brothers (more Raul, as Lex was feeling that their time was better suited to finding out if there were any more of these suck heads in Boston). After taking a moment, Lex got up to call reinforcements ie Connor and Mikaela. Unbeknownst to Lex, his call to Connor was at a very bad time: his friend had just sat down with his wife to tell her the truth about why he was always taking off suddenly, why his visits to the hospital were increasingly more serious and why he . Connor tried to insist that it was a bad time, that he couldn’t talk, but after hearing that there were vampires running around Boston and out to get Lex and Raul, the G-Man couldn’t let his friends face that alone and agreed to meet to get more details and plan out the Job. Meaghan, who was not impressed with the interruption, was convinced to come along in order to get the truth of the situation. Connor also thumbed a text message to Mikaela, asking her to join them.

With questions temporarily sated by Raul and exchanging numbers, Murphy left Hector’s implying that he wanted to help with their Hunting endeavours, but wanted to take the time to soak it all in. Not long after Murphy left, the Cortez brothers were joined by Connor, and to their intense surprise, his wife Meaghan. After Connor quickly explained why she was there, Lex felt that they didn’t have the luxury of time to sugar-coating the existence of the Supernatural, so she was very abruptly and bluntly explained the reality of it.

The Wilkinsons left soon after to have another fight, when Lex was suddenly called away by the President of the Men of Mayhem for club business, having to leave Raul and Mikaela the task of trying to find out where the vampires where holing up.

On their way to the public library, Raul saw Murphy emerging from another bar after having a few to drink and enlisted his help, to show him the research aspect of being on a Hunt.

Together, they found out that there were three amusement parks in the Boston area that all had a Jolly Cholly’s playhouse, but all three had been subsequently shut down due to accidents on one of the rides. One of such accidents resulted in the death of a thirteen year old girl, Kaitlyn Lasitter.

The next morning, the Hunters all met up in a diner and planned out what they were going to do. Mikaela had addresses for all three shut-down amusement parks and Lex suggested they go after the closest one, praying that it was the one that the vamps took residence in.

They all agreed, and they posse-out.

After having a run-in with an another group of supernatural enthusiasts called the ‘Ghostfacers’, and over hearing them mention something about the douchebag Winchesters, the Hunters went in search for the Fun House. They found it, but to their dismay, discovered that they were not in the right amusement park. Not wanting this to be a complete waste of time, Lex and Murphy ended up scaling the side of the building to try to find another way in, considering that every Jolly Cholly had the same cookie-cutter layout. After taking the time to search, they discovered (with the help of Connor’s investigative skills) a fire door on the roof which led down to a suspended cat-walk that spanned across the entire fun house. Tactical advantage achieved!

With this new found information, the Hunters set off to the next closest Jolly Cholly.

They found the next one and using the information that they acquired, the group decided to assault the vampires from the top. Even though they tried to be as quiet and stealthy as they could, they, unfortunately, managed to make enough noise to alert two Mexican guards. With quick thinking and intimidation, they managed to tie up and interrogate the two men. Unfortunately, they knew very little, other than coming up from Mexico to kill two brothers for revenge.

Once properly gagged, the Hunters continued on with their plan.

After several shotgun blasts, high-powered sniper-riffle shots, flares and grenades, the assault on the vampires went as expected, with Lex being sent to the hospital for monster-sized wounds and Connor being bulldozed off a catwalk ten feet off the ground. With Lex driving himself to Boston General, the rest of the group made it look like the two men they had previously gagged and committed these murders and quickly left the scene for the police to find.

A hunt isn’t successful unless someone is gravely injured!

4 xp was awarded and a bonus xp for forum stuff.



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