Supernatural: The Boston Chapter

Session 5 - Pre

Vampires are assholes

The last couple of weeks are proving to be interesting for our heroes. During a midnight conversation with Mikaela, Lex realized that he in fact cared about what happens to Tim more that he himself would admit and felt a sense of responsibility for the young man. This revelation came at a bad time as Lex attempts to reform his club into a new gang of Hunters. To top it all off, new information started to surface about the rival MC that rocked Boston in the pursuit of killing off the remaining members of the Men of Mayhem.

In the meantime, Connor’s secret about the Supernatural was dangerously close to coming to a head with his wife. Will he have that conversation with her, exposing her to the potential dangers of knowing the truth, or will he come up with another excuse as to why he randomly disappears without much of an explanation?

Meanwhile, Lex decided to pay Stan a visit, but their chat is interrupted when he receives a disconcerting telephone call from his Juarez Cartel contact, Javier Alvarez, about another potential problem visiting the City of Boston.

Click here to see what Lex has to say to Stan and what he learns from Javier!



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