Supernatural: The Boston Chapter

Session 7 - Pre

I will not suffer a rat to live

With the thought of a rat amidst his struggling MC, Lex had decided that he had better get to the bottom of who had leaked his and his brother’s location to the Juarez vampires before they struck again.

Knowing that his brother’s judgement would be too clouded if the investigation went south, Raul asked Lex to take a backseat, to let him handle it.

In an act that surprised the eldest Cortez, Lex agreed, seeing that he was too close and could prove to be detrimental to the investigation.

With Raul free and clear to do things his way, will he be able discover the rat before the vampires try again? And will he let Lex take the final action against them? Would Lex be capable of meting out MC justice should the guilty party be one of the founding members of the Men of Mayhem? What if the rat turned out to be the one man that Lex looked up to the most, the man that was more of a father to the young Cortez than his own flesh and blood?



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