Javier Alvarez

Juárez Cartel Gun Runner


Full Name: Javier Alvarez
Nicknames: Javi
Birthday: Unknown
Age (as of 2008): 45
Profession: Juárez Cartel arms dealer
Source of income: Juárez Cartel income
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Marcus Ortega (cousin; former Men of Mayhem Worcester MC patch member; deceased)
Current residence: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico


Javier, or Javi to his friends, is the man in charge of selling and distributing illegal firearms for the Juárez Cartel. He was the contact and gunrunner of the Worcester Chapter of the Men of Mayhem.

With the current MC trying to run things above board, the Cartel no longer does business with the Men of Mayhem.

However, while visiting Juárez with his brother, Lex helped the Cartel out by knowing how to take care of a nest of vampires that took up residence. Since then, Lex was Javi’s go to man if other supernatural creatures creep up and cause trouble. In payment, the Cartel offers Lex and Raul very good and reasonable prices for hardware, partly due to their previous flawless business relationship, but also because the Cortez brothers knowledge of the Supernatural.

Javier Alvarez

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