Stan Kowalski

Owner of Stan's Occult Books


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Parapsychology

M.A. in Mythology & Occultism

Communal Ally – 2

First point – Rock and Nick gave 1 (one) xp each.
Second point – Amy and Pat gave 2 (two) xp each.


Stan Kowalski is a scientist and an occultist. He is very passionate about his work with the Knights of St. Theodore, and he is characterized by his childlike enthusiasm about everything supernatural.

With the combination of his Ph.D.s in electrical engineering and parapsychology and his knowledge of the occult and the supernatural, Stan is always creating and modding devices to help with his studies and investigations.

Much to the chagrin of the Order, Stan tends to conduct these investigations on his own, usually because he is too excited and impatient to wait for proper protocol.

Stan Kowalski

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