A Ghost in the Machine - Season 1


As Lex Cortez adjusts to his new life as a Hunter, he found himself thinking that simply going out there fighting off the monsters wasn’t enough. Therefore, he bought himself a couple of GoPro cameras and records every time he goes off on a Hunt. He then uploads the video to the internet (if it is any good) and accompanies it with a podcast describing what it was that he had just Hunted in the video and how to defend oneself against it should the need arise. To date, he has published seven episodes and one episode dedicated to answering questions from his viewers.

Below is a list of the written transcripts of the season 1’s episodes:

1. Introduction
2. Demons are douchebags
3. Vampires are assholes.
4. Ghosts are shitheads
5. Qs and As
6. Drunk posting
7. Tricksters are dingbats
8. Wendigo wanker re-dux

A Ghost in the Machine - Season 1

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