Lex and Stan's chat

The next morning, Lex woke feeling… ill rested. He knew that he was going to have to meet with Tim and try to see where his head was at. After talking to Mikaela last night, it became painfully clear that he did care about what happened to the kid because it was his “A Ghost in the Machine” series that made Tim aware of this other, horrible side of the world. He had sent Tim a reply saying that he would like to meet, but it would have to be later rather than sooner, that this wasn’t him blowing him off, but there were big things happening outside the Hunt that needed his attention. To Lex’s surprise, Tim understood and promised him that he wouldn’t go Hunting until they spoke in person. Even though he was a little suspicious, Lex had no choice but to take him at his word. He got up and, had a bite to eat, , changed into some fresh clothes and started his day.

First things first, though. Lex was going to pay this ‘Stan’ a visit. People don’t usually have free information to offer up in return for nothing and Lex hadn’t had the opportunity to talk to this man by himself. He had to be sure that there was no nefarious ulterior motive that could possibly put he and his friends in jeopardy or compromising situations. Besides, he might have information about what kind of fuckheads that this rogue MC comprised of.

Now that he was no longer trying to hide the fact that he was part of the Men of Mayhem, Lex casually grabbed his cut like it was a jacket and slipped it on over his tee-shirt. He stepped into his boots, grabbed his helmet and sunglasses and left his apartment, locking the door behind him.

In no time, Lex arrived at Stan’s Occult Books, glad to see that the bright neon ‘Open’ sign was lit. He parked his bike out in front, leaving his helmet on the handlebars and walked in the store.

There he saw Stan, sitting behind the counter, reading a book while smoking a pipe. He glanced up at Lex and smiled in greeting.

“Alex, isn’t it? Or would you rather go by Lex?” Stan asked. Lex didn’t respond, but instead looked around at the books on the shelves, at the trinkets behind glass cabinets and paused for a moment and saw a book that caught his eye. The spine read “The Vampyric Pandemic”. He pulled it out and started to thumb through it.

“Either or. I answer to both.” He said finally as he put the book back.

“Interested in vampires are you? Nasty lot they are-“

“Yeah, I know. Took out a nest of them in Mexico. Spiteful fuckers too.” Lex turned to face the man.

“That’s no easy feat. Mind if I ask how? I dealt with a couple here and there and I’m always interested in other people’s methods-”

“Look, Stan, before we get all buddy-buddy and exchange war stories, we need to get something straight.” Lex started as he approached the counter, inadvertently turning on his ‘I’m not fucking around here’ demeanor. “Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I’ve been in the game long enough to know that being this chummy with people usually means that there is something in it for you, that you or this Order you work for will be calling-in-favours at some point. If this is the case, tread carefully. I get very protective of the people that I care about.”

Stan laughed nervously; obviously taken aback and slightly deterred by Lex’s intimidating attitude, but he maintained his composure. He was, after all, expecting a conversation of this manner with the biker.

“Okay, well, Alex – Lex – I actually understand where you’re coming from. I don’t know much about street gangs or the politics therein, but I know that they – you – aren’t a group of people that I’d want to test my limits with. And, if I’m not doing that now, I know that you take your family very seriously and I wouldn’t want to be caught in between you and them especially if you’re angry and the only way to get to them is through me. All that said, my personal intentions are, in fact, to help you and your friends. I know, and so does the Order, that this life is hard, cruel, totally unfair and tragically lopsided against us. We do our best to help others like you have an edge on supernatural fauna. It’s a fight that we should not be battling alone.”

Lex then surprised Stan by laughing. He sounded so much like Connor for a moment there and that was then that Lex believed in his sincerity.

“Alright, Stan. I can get behind that-“

His phone began to ring. Lex turned away from Stan and reached into pocket to retrieve his cell phone.

The number was from Juarez, Mexico. He answered it, speaking in Spanish.


“Mr. Remington, they’re back.” Javier replied in tongue.

“What do you mean, they’re back?” He asked, searching for the right words. He strode towards the door.

“I don’t know how they figured it out, esé, but we captured one and they said they are coming for you and your brother. I wanted to send some of our men to help you, but Vicente wouldn’t allow it. And you don’t argue with Vicente. They’ll be there in a day if they aren’t there already.”

“Thanks, Javi.”

“This isn’t for free, esé. Once you’re done and secured Boston, I need you come back in Juarez to take care of the rest of them here.”

“Understood.” Lex replied. “I’ll call you when I am heading down.”

“Stay safe, hermano.”

Lex hung up and looked at Stan.

“I have to go.” He opened the door to leave.

“Wait, Lex! Weren’t you going to ask about the werewolves? Wasn’t that why you came?”

Lex paused at the door, turned around to face Stan.

“What werewolves?”

NOTE: Text in italics indicate dialogue being spoken in Spanish.

Lex and Stan's chat

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