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Campaign Objectives

Fan of the Characters
Setting the Tone
Character Reputaion

Factions, Orders and MCs

The Order of the Knights of St. Theodore
Men of Mayhem.

Minor Annoyances

Ghost Expeditions Crew

Journals, e-mails, conversations and podcasts

Monster Hunting 101
Ghost in the Machine by Lex Cortez aka Lexicon
Lex’s e-mail to Tim
Lex and Stan’s chat

Major Milestone in Character Development

Lex’ Wrath and Despair

From the prospect of NPCs

Tim’s persuasion
TIm aka Fanboy

Player Resources

D&D online dice roller I’ve found this extremely handy!

Mr. Gone’s Character Sheets is an awesome site where you can find literally hundreds of various character sheets for World of Darkness in PDF format. He has posted the basic PDF versions and fillable PDF version, meaning that you can fill out your character sheet on the computer so it’s clean and legible.

Main Page

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