Men of Mayhem

Men of Mayhem Operations

Members and their status

Chuck Sinclair: President; active
Mickey Kelford: a/ Vice-President, Sergeant-at-arms; active
Lex ‘Lexi-boy’ Cortez: Intelligence Officer; active
Lawrence ‘Lars’ Adams: Soldier; active
Tim Donovan: Hang-around; active
John Henley: President; deceased
Keith ‘Big Keith’ Reed: Soldier; deceased
Marcus Ortega: Soldier; deceased
Evan ‘Crow’ Phillips: Soldier; deceased
Sam Dunning: Soldier; deceased
Jeff Smith: Soldier; deceased
Jimmy Holmes: Soldier; deceased
Ryan Cooper: Prospect; deceased
Denis ‘Den’ Thomas: Prospect; deceased

Methods of income for the club

Illegal importation of firearms and modifying and selling them to various gangs, have been known to hijack shipments from rival MCs, stealing valuable cargo from ports or trains, selling stolen cars and parts through Chuck’s chop shop (they were very good at hiding their tracks)

Stance on drugs

Though not naive to the drug world, Jon and Chuck were disgusted by the effects of hard drugs on people in Boston. They vowed that they would keep their community in Worcester clean of hard drugs (cocaine, heroine, meth etc).

Worcester Community and the Men of Mayhem

The community had a love-hate relationship with the club. The MC donated quite a bit of money to various charities and community funded events (either because they actually did care or to make themselves look good; the members of the community are divided on those fronts). Incidentally, it was one of the safest communities in that area of Worcester.

Founding of the Men of Mayhem

The Men of Mayhem were founded when four friends, Jon Henley, Chuck Sinclair, Micky Kelford and Roger James returned from their tours in Vietnam. While on tour, their unit, which was dubbed as the Men of Mayhem, Echo Team, were known to rush into enemy ranks and cause complete anarchy. The name was more as a slight against them, but despite brashness of their actions, they always seemed to be able to attain their objective with very few casualties.

The name was a fitting one for their new club.

Frustrated that they couldn’t find work after their tours, they decided to take their passion for the motorcycle world to a new level. They recruited four more people to the club, one being Marcus Ortega, who had ties to the Juarez cartel.

After setting up shop in Boston, the new Men of Mayhem MC started off small, but throughout the years grew larger and more powerful. Roger James was the then president, followed by Jon as the VP, Micky as the sgt. at arms and Chuck was simply happy being a patch member.

As their numbers grew, so did the influence of more powerful men and the world of drugs and prostitution opened up before them. Seeing the potential of gaining huge amounts of money in short periods of time, Roger jumped at the chance and persuaded the rest of the club that it was a good idea to get lots of money. Chuck, Micky and Jon didn’t like the idea, but they were easily outvoted in the club, so they had to go along with the Presidents decision.

Things quickly started to deteriorate with the Boston Chapter. Word was getting around that some of the newer, younger patch members were taking advantage of the girls, drugs were rampant and Roger was absolutely ruthless with extortion, blackmail, and every little nasty thing under the sun.

Jon, Chuck, Micky and Marcus convinced Roger to let them start a new chapter in a different city, seeing as though they didn’t agree on what was happening in Boston. Thinking that this was just an exercise to expand the club, Roger and the other patch members agreed.

The four moved to Worcester, set up shop in a garage that Chuck would later open as Chuck’s Automotive Repair and converted the attached storefront into the Men of Mayhem’s Clubhouse.

With Alvero’s contacts, they were able to re-establish themselves and had money coming in within a month of setting up.

Jon became President, Chuck the VP and Micky remained sgt-at-arms, a position that he greatly enjoyed occupying.

Men of Mayhem

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