New Patchmember

Lex found himself sitting with what was left of the Men of Mayhem Motorcycle Club. Across from him sat Chuck and Mickey, and next to him was Lars.

“What’s going on Lex? You said that we needed to meet, that it was important.” Chuck asked as Maria came around with a few pints for the men. She smiled at Lex and he smiled back. He waited for her to be out of earshot before starting.

“Yeah, it is important.” Lex said. “We can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing. I mean before the club was fucked up beyond recognition. I’ve seen things. Horrible things in the past year that I can’t ignore. Connor, Raul and Mikaela and I… we’ve started something that I can’t back away from, that I won’t back away from.”

“What are you saying, you want to leave the Men of Mayhem?” Mickey asked, confused. Out of everyone in the club, Lex had proven to be one of the most loyal members in the Worcester chapter.

“Fuck no, but-”

“You had me worried there, Lexi-boy.” Chuck replied, taking a sip of beer.

“-But I’d like to propose a few changes to the club’s mandate, otherwise I have no idea how I am going to handle doing both.”

“What do you mean, doing both?” Lars asked. Lex sighed.

“Guess I’d better start at the beginning.” Lex leaned back into the booth with his beer in hand and started to recount everything that had transpired between his first day in Boston up until this very moment in the bar, including his decision Hunt the things that went bump in the night. He didn’t go into much detail about their forced ‘vacation’ to Salem, but everything else he went into great detail. Ghosts, demons, vampires, everything. He told them about his podcasts. It had taken Lex a bit, patrons came and went, Maria had come by with fresh pints for them, but he finally managed to get through everything.

“That’s quite the story, Lex… guess that explains how you got those.” Mickey said, pointing to the scar on his head.

“You’re expecting us to believe that bull?” Lars asked, disbelief evident in his voice. “I’m not buying it! Sounds like you’re bitching out! Can’t handle Club life! Can’t believe this is the Lex that you guys talked up so much! Sounds like a bitch!”

Lex looked over at the prospect for a moment then laughed.

“Where the fuck did you get this guy?” Lex asked Chuck. Despite the grin on his face, Lex’s tone indicated that he wasn’t impressed.

“We needed the numbers. He fit it well enough, despite his lack of filter.” Chuck explained, giving Lars a look. “But, I do have to be honest. What you’ve done this past year does sound extremely far-fetched. If I didn’t know you or we hadn’t been chased all the way through Boston by those brutes, I’d say you were high on something.”

“Believe it or not, this shit is happening and my brother, my friends and I are in it for the long haul. I can’t just sit back and do nothing about it. People are getting killed by these things. I don’t want to leave the club, but this is bigger than the Men of Mayhem. We could use our resources to fight these fuckers. Hell, I’ve already got a solid deal going on with Juarez. They are in the know, too. Javi helped Raul and I take out a nest of vampires for fuck’s sake.”

“Okay, so what do you propose?”

“Once Worcester’s been dealt with, we should concentrate on setting up legitimate operations. We either set up shop here in Boston or back at the Clubhouse in Worcester.”

“And I imagine you have ideas about setting up these legitimate operations?” Mickey asked.

“There are some internet-related avenues I want to explore, but I’ve heard of an MC in California trying to go legitimate with a local escort service, all above board apparently.”

“They would have to have connections with that escort service. We don’t know anyone like that.”

“Just an idea. I know we’re short on friends right now, but we need to do something to stay low on the police radar. Good news is that I have a contact in Boston PD who also is aware of the supernatural incursions. Don’t think he’d go out of his way to nail us with anything, but I think he may turn a blind eye to the small stuff if we’re in the habit of Hunting things.”

“That is if we agree to become some lame ass monster hunters.” Lars interjected. Lex briefly glared at the prospect, but he was right.

“Hate to admit it, but Lawrence has a point. We all need to agree on this.”

“Only my Mom calls me Lawrence.”

“Go have a smoke, Lars.” Chuck said to the prospect.

“What? Why?” He asked.

“Club business. We’ll come get you when we’re done.” Mickey replied. Frowning, Lars got up from the table, taking his beer with him. They watched him walk out of the bar.

“Before we put the mandate change to a vote, we need to talk about Lars. He handled himself well that night. I think we should make him a full patch. We need the numbers.” Chuck said.

“I’m not so sure about this Lars guy. Does he always run off his mouth like that?” Lex asked, now his turn to frown.

“Come on, Lex, you were never one to get your feelings hurt.” Mickey grinned.

“No, but seriously. If I had called you a bitch while I was prospecting, you would have kicked the shit out of me.” Lex said to Mickey after taking large sip out of his glass.

“I seem to recall you telling me to go fuck myself when we first met.” Chuck grinned.

“That’s different. I was just a dumb-ass teenager. I wasn’t even prospecting.”

“Yeah, and I gave you the job despite that and a few years later we got one hell of a Man of Mayhem out of it.”

Lex considered what Chuck had said. He did mouth off at Chuck when the mechanic originally denied him a job at the garage. Lex wasn’t that much different from Lars in that sense, saying the first thing that came to mind…

“Lars just doesn’t know you. You’ll earn his respect before too long.” Mickey said, bringing the conversation back to Lars. “Knowing what you do and what you’ve done, it will be hard for him not to.”

“I’ll earn his respect?” Lex asked incredulously after setting his glass down. “What the hell is this? Since when does a full patch member need to earn the respect of a fucking prospect?”

“Look, all that Mickey means is that he’s been around for the past year while we thought you were dead. He’s been helping out with everything. When we had heard rumours about you being alive, it was Lars who first saw you in Boston, confirming those rumours. And now that you’re back, he probably thinks that he needs to start from square one.” Mickey tried to explain.

“Well, he kind of fucking does. I don’t know him at all, and you guys expect me to vote him in? If I don’t know the guy, how am I supposed trust he has my back?”

“Look, Lex, under normal circumstances, I’d agree with you. These are hardly normal times. You trust me, right? And I say he’s good. I was ready to light up that fed when he showed up, but you said that he was your friend. And I trust your judgement and your friend proved himself. We need patch members, not prospects.”

Lex took a moment to think. It was true; Chuck did trust Lex’s judgement or that situation in the parking lot would have been much, much worse. And he did trust Chuck and had to believe him that Lars was just as good as he said he was. Lex realized that in moments like these it was important to make friends, now more than ever. Lex tried to put himself in Lars position and his reaction wouldn’t have been all that dissimilar than then prospect’s.

“Alright. Do we even have a patch for him?”

“We had a couple of them made here and there. Brought one today just in case.” Mickey explained. He pulled out the smirking skull and placed on the table. He turned it over, face down and leaned over it.

“All in favour of making Lars a full patch member?” Chuck asked. He looked at Lex.

“Aye.” He said after a moment.

“Aye.” Mickey answered.

“Aye.” Chuck responded and knocked his knuckles on the table as a make-shift gavel. “Alright, Lex, go fetch him. Take your time, though. Make him think something’s wrong. It’s funnier that way!” Lex nodded and got up from the table, leaving his beer.

Lex stepped outside onto the street. Not too long ago, they were ambushed by the rival MC right on this spot. Lex still wanted payback for those who had died, for Jon, for the rest, but his wrath had dulled somewhat now that Chuck and Mickey were still alive. He saw Lars leaning against the building, smoke in hand and beer in the other. Lex walked over to him, lighting a cigarette of his own.

Lex leaned up on a spot next to Lars, not saying anything. He started to blow smoke rings. He wanted to wait for Lars to start talking first.

“Hey man I-” Lars started, but was cut off.

“You know what this means?” Lex asked without looking at him. He pointing to a patch above the chest pocket on his cut that read ‘Mr. Mayhem’.

“No, no I don’t.”

“It means that the wearer of said patch is worn by a member who has done especially hard, dangerous, usually violent and usually illegal work for the Club. It means that the wearer has beyond the shadow of a doubt proven his loyalty to the club. It’s not a patch given out lightly.”

“Look, man, I got a little excited in there, I know I need to tone down that shit-”

“They talk me up because I gave up a lot for the club. I gave up a year of my life in prison, found and killed a man who was dealing in our territory without being told to. I risked a lot. Why? Because I love this club.”

“I get it.”

“Do you? Do you fucking get it?” Lex asked, regarding the prospect, sizing him up. “Because what I see is a fucking prospect who doesn’t know his place, that he thinks he understands what it takes to wear the cut.” Lex paused. He knew that he was laying it on a little thick, but it bugged him to no end whenever anyone questioned his loyalty to the club. Lex used his annoyance to his advantage to make Lars think he was in trouble.

“I’m sorry, man, just that this shit is hard to take. I signed on for a club, not a monster hunting squad.”

“Yeah, well, you have to adapt in this life. A lesson you should have learned by now.” He chucked his cigarette to then ground. He turned to leave and motioned Lars to follow. He walked over to the door and stepped through, holding it open for the prospect. Lex slid into the booth with Lars nervously sitting down next to him.

“And?” Chucked asked Lex.

“This one has some fucking nerve is all I’ll say.” Lex replied.

“So? Should we ditch the prospect?” Mickey asked seriously, still hiding the patch.

“Guys, I’m right here, you can tell me to my face.” Lars said. Lex looked at Chuck as the president gave him a nod.

“You should be the one to tell him. Your vote was the deciding factor.” Chuck said seriously. Lex turned to Lars.

“We don’t need prospects who toe the line. We need guys who rise above and fuck shit up. Time to turn in that prospect patch. You’ve outgrown it.”

“What-” Lars started as Mickey leaned back and flipped over the patch, revealing the grinning skull holding it’s signature pair of revolvers. Lars started to smile nervously as Lex laughed at his expression. He patted Lars heartily on the shoulder as Chuck joined in laughing.

“Holy fuck, man, I thought, holy shit, I thought you guys were kicking me out!” He exclaimed as Mickey slid over the patch to Lars. He looked at it. “Thanks, this is fucking awesome. I won’t let you guys down.”

“We know you won’t.” Chuck said. “Now onto other club business. Lex would like to change the current mandate for the Men of Mayhem. We’ve already heard what he proposes to change. Let us put it to a vote…”

New Patchmember

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