Connor Wilkinson

FBI Counter-intelligence Agent


Connor Wilkinson is a good old Catholic Irish boy from Boston. He was born to an upper middle class family, the third of six children. Two of his siblings followed the family tradition of joining the Army, which went back clear to the U.S Civil War, when the original immigrant Wilkinsons served in the Irish Brigades for the Union. They were both killed in action, one in Afghanistan to an IED, the other in Iraq to a suicide bomber while on patrol. Both of his parents are still alive, the elder Wilkinson is now a doctor after putting in his twenty years, and Connor’s mother is a legal secretary for a fairly high powered law firm. Connor’s two sisters are a nurse and a veterinarian, respectively, and his third brother is a lawyer.

Since he was a young boy, Connor has wanted nothing more than to serve his nation, and protect the weak and innocent. Much the same motives that have impelled his family into military service for the last hundred and sixty years. But as he was growing up, his father’s tales of the pointless war in Vietnam, and the wars in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, as well as the losses of his older brothers, seemed proof to him that going into his nation’s armed forces would only make him an aggressor, not a defender. Terrorists were criminals, not soldiers, and stopping criminals was the work of policemen, not soldiers. More specifically, as he grew older and his understanding of the world grew broader, he wanted to be an FBI Agent. Originally planning to be an Anti-Terrorist task force member, his eidetic memory and understanding of the complex ins and outs of disguise and field craft led him to instead be approached by the Counter Intelligence Bureau.

Terrorists, it was explained to him, are only dangerous so long as they have funding, and resources. And that funding, and resources, come from rogue nation states that are the enemies of the United States of America. Specifically, places like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China. Places that wish to harm the US, but haven’t got the direct power to do so. Intrigued, Connor agreed to serve a tour of duty in Counter Intelligence, and has been there ever since. He learned that many of the current terrorist networks were set up by the KGB, and indeed, the CIA, to serve as proxies in the Cold War, and have since blossomed and taken on their own agendas. Others were of course religion based, funded by oil or drug money and trained/equipped by the intelligence services in states that paid lip service to being US allies while secretly plotting to stab them in the back.

After his training, Connor expected to be posted overseas as a ‘Cultural Attache’ or some such cover, to a U.S. Embassy in said foreign countries, to begin working. Instead, it was explained to him that that was something for more senior FBI agents. First he would have to prove his worth, on the streets of his hometown. The Chinese were extremely interested in Boston. Harvard University was there, as was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ground breaking research in computing, mathematics, quantum theory, physics, and other sciences was going on every day… and the Chinese wanted to steal these secrets. Washington was less than two hours away by car from Boston, which made it a logical HQ town to spy on the United States Government. Sleepy Boston was in fact a hotbed of enemy activity. The Russians were still there in force, left over from the bad old days, and there were plenty of other governments who had consulates there who had to be watched, too, simply in principle.

It was as he was starting his new work as a Counter Intel G-Man that Connor met his sweetheart, Meaghan, who was just finishing her teaching degree at Boston College. He met the young woman who was intent on forming young minds and also making the world a better place through teaching, through his work, while investigating a possible spy ring amongst foreign exchange students at the college. The two of them hit it off, and they began to date. Less than a year later, they were married, and began their lives together. Connor now has two young children, is an up and comer in Counter Intel, and has a bright and happy future ahead of him… at least, until he runs into something that no mere mortal could ever fully understand or explain…

Connor Wilkinson

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