Mikaela Reid

Sister of St. Joseph


The younger of two sisters, Mikaela was born into a family of privilege. Always a headstrong child, it developed into a self-destructive streak as she reached her rebellious teenage years. She cracked under the pressure of her overbearing father’s expectations, a seemingly perfect older sister and a mother that played ‘the good wife’ all to well. Mikaela sought to escape her situation and quickly fell in with the wrong crowd. Before long, she was living on the streets with a methamphetamine addiction and relying on a life of petty crime to support it. Eventually life caught up with her and she was arrested. Her father, a prominent lawyer with political aspirations, all but disowned his youngest daughter. Her mother, ever obedient, did nothing to go against the wishes of her husband. Only Mikaela’s older sister stood by her side.

Incarcerated at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution – Framingham for a laundry list of charges, Mikaela was forced to attend a drug rehabilitation program by a court order. At first she resented the sessions and the man who ran them, Father O’Leary. After months, she finally opened up and found strength and faith. Mikaela became Father O’Leary’s success story. A model prisoner after a rough start, Mikaela was surprised when Father O’Leary himself supported her at her probation hearing. Mainly because of his words of praise for her, she was granted early parole.

After being released, Mikaela found her way to the steps of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. Father O’Leary was not surprised to have Mikaela visit, but didn’t expect for her to express her desire to join the Sisters of St. Joseph. He was moved by her faith and she quickly integrated herself into the order.

For months, Mikaela dedicated herself to aiding Father O’Leary in his charitable works. That is until his disappearance. Her search for him led to her path crossing with an FBI agent by the name of Connor Wilkinson. Working together, they uncovered his fate, much to Mikaela’s sorrow.

Mikaela has thrown herself wholeheartedly into the works of Father O’Leary and continues to help the downtrodden and abandoned by society. While she often wears civilian clothing while walking the streets helping those she can, she is never without her rosary and a silver medallion of St. Kolbe on a simple braided cord hanging from her neck.

Mikaela Reid

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