Raul Cortez

Retired marine corp veteran


Full Name: Raul Hernandez Cortez
Nicknames: Dickwad, Army, Bro
Birthday: March 29, 1968
Age (as of 2008): 40
Profession: Security officer at security firm own and operated by a friend and former army buddy
Source of income: Above profession
Parents: Alexis Cortez, Manuel Cortez
Siblings: Lex Cortez
Current residence: Boston, address unknown


Having finished his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq as a medic, Raul retired from the army and rejoined his brother in Worcester. While not an official member of the Men of Mayhem motorcycle club, he acts as club’s medic should the need arise.

During his career in the army, he was incredibly proficient with pistols. He fellow army buddies adopted the the nick name ‘El Pistolero’ partly as a joke and because of his ‘gunslinger’ skills.

It was also during his time in the army that he had adopted a Spanish accent due to all the time he spent with his squad who were all Spanish and Latino.

Raul typically likes to look well dressed, with buttoned-up shirts, nice pants and jackets. He also has various tattoos of a religious nature; a rosary and the word “Familia” on his right and left forearm respectively, and the US Marine Crest with the words “Semper Fidelis” across his chest.

Raul Cortez

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