Tim Donovan

Aspiring hunter eager to prove his worth


Full Name: Timothy Allen Donovan
Nicknames: Tim, Angry Aardvark, Fanboy
Birthday: December 16, 1987
Age (as of 2008): 21
Source of income: Soundgarden Records, sales clerk
Parents: Mary Donovan, Eric Donovan
Siblings: N/A
Current residence: 8 Meadowlands ln, Brunswick, NY


Tim was an unambitious post-teen living with his parents in the small community of Brunswick, New York when his friends stumbled upon the oddly hilarious guide to supernatural defense podcast called A Ghost in the Machine.

His friends didn’t take it seriously, but Tim was intrigued by this bad-mouthed pod-caster that called himself Lexicon. He and his friends later decided to go check out the local cemetery that was rumoured to be haunted. Taking the advice from the Ghost are shitheads episode, Tim brought an iron crowbar just in case. That advice saved Tim and his friends where they managed to get away unscathed.

It was after that incident and the subsequent Hunt and rescue mission that gave Tim purpose. He couldn’t turn his back on this world that Lexicon had shown him. He couldn’t turn away and not do anything about it. It was then that Tim decided that he would find Lexicon somehow and convince him to take him on, to show him how to Hunt.

Tim Donovan

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