Campaign Objectives: Fan of the Characters

So far, the heroes have been facing grim realities of the world around them and suffering dire consequences and repercussions of their actions, despite the fact that they, for the most part, are trying to do good.

My plan is to be a fan of the characters. I want you guys to feel like you are affecting the world in a positive way. I want your characters to feel that what you are doing does make a difference to those around them. They are the heroes of our little story, after all.

As Jayne Cobb said, “Time for some thrilling heroics”.

My job as the GM is to ensure you guys are having fun. On top of the story that will unfold around your characters, I will be introducing a reward system to encourage you guys to be big damn heroes. To be clear, this isn’t something that I am asking that you guys think about incorporating in your own WoD campaigns, but it’s a tool that I am going to use to hopefully help things be more fun. If this is something you guys want to use in your own stories, great. Want to completely avoid it in your campaign? That’s your prerogative. So here it is:

I want you to use your willpower.

Well, duh, right? That’s what they are there for! To give you bonuses when you spend them! BUT they are a bitch to regain them, as we all know. We’ve all hoarded them like they are some precious commodity only to be used in dire situations. In my campaign, you guys are a cut above the regular joe. While I don’t discourage being frugal with WP, I don’t want you to think that the only time you can use them is the climax of the act. Your characters are awesome and amazing. They are allowed to have epic moments.

On top of the conventional means of regaining willpower, this is what I am going to do to encourage you to use them. If your characters come up with an uber interesting plan to get the bad guy, if you act heroically and it results in an epic scene of awesome befitting said scene, a token will be placed into a small pot. If the number of tokens equal to the number of players, you guys will regain a willpower. The bowl empties and it starts again. Basically, impress me with awesomeness and you will be rewarded. SO DON’T BE AFRAID TO USE YOUR WILLPOWER!

Granted, don’t go using WP up willy-nilly. You still need to impress me to fill the pot and it may take time to do so, but my intention is to give you more breathing room to be amazing. However, if things turn silly and there is too much joking around, I will remove a token from the pot, if there are any to remove. And when I say heroic, awesome, epic, I don’t mean do silly, retarded dumb shit. There is still a serious tone to the setting. I’m not saying that we can’t crack a joke here and there, Sam and Dean certainly had some funny moments, but it never took away from the tone. That said I want to try to keep jokes to a minimum.

Here’s a small FAQ:

What if my WP is full when you dish out the WP from the pot? Can I keep it in reserve? Simple answer, no. I am not that nice. It would also complicate things.

Does each player need to do impressive things in order to fill the pot? No, I’m not going to get hung up on that kind of thing. Example: If Connor does two impressive things, and Mikaela does one, that still adds up to the number of players (Raul, Connor and Mikaela) so therefore each character can potentially regain 1 (one) wp.

What happens to the pot and its contents at the end of the session? Does it carry over into the next? It depends. If we’re mid-act and we can’t possibly finish it in one sitting, they will carry over into the next. If the mission is done, the pot empties and starts fresh the next act.

I spent a butt-load of WP this session and it’s the end of the act. What happens? By the time we start the next act, you’d have either regained all of the spent WP or at the very least, a large chunk of it. It is situational, but I won’t leave you out to dry. Remember, play out your vices and virtues, too. That regains WP.

What about forum stuff? Does your WP Reward System count for that? No, it does not, simply because when I do forum stuff, there will be no dice rolling involved. This is strictly a tabletop thing.

So you want us to go out of our way to be epic all the time? Oh god, no, that sounds exhausting! Just play as you normally would, but remember that I am watching out for creativity.

This sounds great and everything, but I am afraid it will be too over the top and powerful. True, it could be potentially be a tricky thing to streamline. However I’ve experienced a system like this in another RPG and it works VERY well. I doubt that I will run into problems. Here are a couple of things to consider, as well:

You have to impress me with cool, neat, plausible, awesome things. I will not be impressed with retardation, as hilarious as it might be. The Wendigo boards and Witch sticks were freakin’ priceless, but I wouldn’t have put a token in the pot for that. Think of the epic things that Matt Damon of Bourne Identity did and not the Matt Damon from the Other Guys; and most importantly,

This could potentially be detrimental to me as the GM. It could make things harder for me, not the players. This is completely in in your favour, so don’t worry about it. The only benefit I get out of this is the excitement of seeing what your characters come up with!
Have fun with this! Be creative! Remember, I am a fan of the characters! I want to see you figure things out in ways that I wasn’t anticipating!

Campaign Objectives: Fan of the Characters

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