The Order of the Knights of St. Theodore

The Sword of Saint Theodore of Amasea

The Order is a group of occultists, spiritualists, investigators, scientists and engineers that combine their expertise to aid those who actively go up against the Forces of Evil bent on defiling and annihilating mankind.

The Sigil of St. Theodore

The Sigil of St. Theodore is a Golden Sword exuding divine light or fire set on a field of black that represents darkness that the Golden Sword cuts through.


The Order is only secret until they decide it is time to reveal themselves to those in need. They generally watch out for aspiring Hunters and keep tabs on them. They learn everything there is to know about the Hunters and usually send out a representative to make first contact.

Knights of St Theodore

The ‘Knights’ as some of the older members fondly call the younger generation, are Hunters themselves, going off to investigate strange goings on.


There are strict rules and protocol that the Knights must follow to ensure safety of themselves and the Order.

If an investigation proves too arduous, the Knights must pull back and wait for another, more experienced Member help with the case.

Acquiring Membership

If a Hunter finds themselves interested in becoming a Knight of St. Theodore, they must go through a series of mental and physical tests to ascertain whether or not they would be right for the Order.

Currently, there are no positions open.

St. Theodore of Amasea

Saint Theodore is commonly known as a Warrior Saint and a Dragon Slayer. What is less known is that he is also the Patron Saint of Warriors and Hunters. During his life in Rome, he was a hunter of Evil Beings and Creatures that preyed on the virtues of Man. He was given Holy Authority from God to smite these creatures down in His name.

The Order of the Knights of St. Theodore

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