Aspiring Hunter

Date: June 4th, 2009 1:27
From: Lexicon “”
To: Fanboy Tim “”
Subject: Better not regret this



Okay, you have my attention. Let’s meet somewhere and talk in person, only not in Brunswick. There’s no chance in Hell that I am going back there. But before you get all hot and bothered about me conceding, our meeting will have to wait. There is shit going down in Boston that I need to be around for. Believe me when I say that this isn’t some lame effort to placate you only to ‘forget’ later. Just please don’t go running off to try to kill shit until we’ve talked. I’ll get in contact with you as soon as things have settled down. Right now really isn’t a good time to play Mr. Miyagi and if you don’t get that reference, go watch the Karate Kid while you wait for my call. And stop calling me Lexicon. This isn’t the Matrix. It’s just Lex.


Tim smiled as he read Lex’s e-mail on his smartphone. He knew that if he get asking, bugging the guy that he would eventually cave. He just wished that Lex had given him a better time frame as to when they could meet. Oh well. He could wait it out. He had a few friends in the area who had offered up their couch for however long he needed.

He started to write a reply:

Date: June 4th, 2009 8:30
From: Tim “”
To: Lexicon “”
Subject: RE: Better not regret this


Okay thanks, Lex. It’s all I ask. I’ll wait for your call before going out and get into trouble. I appreciate it.


“Are you ready to order?”

Tim looked up from his phone after sending his reply and nodded to the server.

“Yeah. What would you recommend to a guy visiting Boston for the first time?”

Aspiring Hunter

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